Efficient, Low Cost Lighting

A light emitting diode or LED for short is a semiconductor device which generates luminosity when electric current passes through it. They usually are extremely power efficient when compared to traditional filament lamp bulbs which require much more energy as they operate on the principle of a filament heating up through high resistance when current passes through it. light emitting diodes are usually also much more durable than filament light bulbs and generate much less heat energy as they are much more efficient. This is extremely useful in environments where heat is not required such as that in a kitchen. These lights are extremely small and can be configured in in many different shapes and sizes. They can also be configured to provide different colours of light which is is much more suited to the changing and dynamic nature of the modern world. This change of clothes can be controlled by either a smart Home hub or by using your own smart devices such as a smart phone. With integration with modern devices, these LED lights can be configured to change colour or intensity through voice commands.

Locally Owned and Operated

Ideal LED is an Australian owned and operated business which strives to provide affection when it comes to finding different LED lights for the right application. We provide a range of products ranging from waterproof LED strip lights to led downlights from Australia. this means that we always have the perfect product that is required to meet your specific needs. We recognise that all LEDs are not made equal and that some are constructed in a more robust way than others, this means that these LEDs are much more high quality and therefore last much longer than their more cheaply made counterparts. We also recognise that lighting can change the mood or feel of a place completely, not only does it have an effect on the aesthetic aspect of the building or house, but it can also have an effect on the mental well-being of the occupants inside those buildings. Warm tones of light are more relaxing and can be helpful while trying to go to sleep while more cooler tones of light are more energetic and are instrumental if you want to wake up feeling refreshed. Colour changing lights can provide these services without a hassle, combined with our LED strips and associated controllers, you can have full control over the lighting in your home; from the intensity to the colour of the lights.

Since it is an Australian owned and operated business you can be certain that the profits generated would go back into the business and would then directly help the economy of Australia to grow. Buying from us rather than international seller not only ensure that you have a more quality service but also ensures that you are helping your country grow by providing business to local enterprises.