Daily Archive: December 7, 2015

How To Plan A Corporate Workshop

If you are in the human resource department it is not surprising that you may be organizing a corporate workshop. Lot of companies plan these events every three months depending on the need. Some do it to increase team work; some are for training new recruits. Whatever the case, there are certain things to follow when organizing a workshop.

Workshop purpose and agenda
Before going ahead and reserving meeting rooms you need to understand the purpose of the workshop and create a plan for the day. For example if this is for a team work enhancement activity. You need to research some games and activities that they can do and make sure you get all the required equipments and things for it. If there are group activities make sure you count and pre plan the number groups and how many will be there in each teams. Because if you keep these to the last minute it would be waste of time and it won’t be very professional. If you are organizing the workshop to train new recruits, it is better to get help from one of the staff in respective departments and make sure they put this on their calendar and make time for the training. Don’t expect anyone to help if you tell them one day prior to the workshop.

Before deciding the venue, check how many participants there would be. If there is a large number of them it is better to arrange a big conference room, if it’s a small number of people you can go ahead and book one of the meeting rooms. If there aren’t any in house ones available, you can book one from a nearby hotel, see this short term office in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Snacks and drinks
Next is to arrange snacks and drinks for the participants. Depending on the length of the workshop you can decide how many meals you will have to give. For example if this is going to last the whole day, it is better to provide them with breakfast, lunch and a snack. If it is anything less than 4 hours you can simply provide a snack and a drink. It is important to select a good caterer to provide food. Take quotes from several and if possible do a tasting of food if the workshop if arranged for middle level managers or higher.

Prepare required materials
Prepare the agenda for the day and make copies of it to circulate among the participants. Also make any printouts or soft copies of the programme presentations and notes. Make sure you get enough pens, pencils and note books.

Key to a successful workshop lies in good planning. If you are not sure of any item in the agenda contact department heads and get help from others to make sure you have planned a well arranged workshop.